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Men and women really have a pretty different definition when it comes to romantic huh?

#1 Any “Heart”-shaped jewelries or accessories.

Honestly, the last thing that a woman wants is anything which is “heart”-shaped.

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#2 Teddy bear or stuffed animals.

They will always end up in a card board box under the stairs with dust all over.

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#3 Picking a fight with others to “protect” of her.

Don’t even think about it. She won’t even bail you out if you were lock up in the police station.

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#4 Singing a romantic old song to her.

She will give an A+ for your courage and your effort. Maybe an A+ for your singing too (If you had one.)

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#5 Pretend to know how to cook.

If you suck at cooking, it’s better to let the professionals do their magic rather than you burning down the whole house.

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#6 Propose to her in public.

Movies and TV programs biggest lie EVER. Proposing in public isn’t romantic at all!

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#7 Giving her a present which is far too expensive.

She will be delighted if you are able to afford the gift without breaking a single sweat, otherwise she will chop your balls off for wasting that money.

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#8 Surprises that give her multiple heart attacks.

Such as secretly sneak up and attack her from behind. You better pray she didn’t have her Swiss knife with her.

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#9 Tickling.

Just a few playful tickles are MORE THAN ENOUGH.

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#10 A confession out of the blue.

For the record, men that confess suddenly are mostly friendzoned. She’ll give you “the signal” when she is ready. So, no need to rush!