Advantages of automation industry

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Automation industry is an industry that relies on the usage of control systems, for example, machines or robots, and it is the main concept for the 4.0 industry. It is an industry that is still developing as we speak but it has already proven the massive potential it holds on the market worldwide. According to Fortune Business Insights, the industry will reach 296.70 billion dollars in 2026 in the market worldwide. Automation brings many benefits, and it is the reason numerous organizations are so interested in it. Compared to human, automations would be able to save time and cost because one robot can do 10 men’s work in less amount of time. Factories can produce their products quicker and still maintain the quality. This would bring more profit to the factory thus it is something that would definitely bring more benefit than loss for a company, depending on the sector the company is in. This article would list five advantages of automation industry.

1 – Productivity 

These systems allow continuous mass production 24/7 without needing any rest, unlike humans who would need rest from time to time. It can go on for 24 hours a day, seven days a week which would increase productivity and diminish assembly times. This would be beneficial especially for companies in the food industry, where productions would constantly need to work to produce food as much as possible so it can be shipped to people across the country. 

download 94 - Advantages of automation industry

2 – Quality 

As mentioned above, when there is automation system, the quantity would increase while still maintaining the quality. This is very important because humans would make mistakes so by using this control system, they would be able to reduce the errors made by humans. Through adaptive control and monitoring the different stages, it would improve the uniformity of the products offered. Even after hours of mass production, the quality would remain the same because these machines do not need rests. They can keep producing, following the programmed instructions, without making a single mistake

3 – Consistent

Companies do not have to deal with problems, such as lack of workers or workers on sick leave, because with automation, there is that stability in the way it functions. It works at a consistent and continuous pace so it would have a longer durability and solidity. The excellence of automated production, when managed with automation system, would be enhanced. 

4 – Flexibility 

Whenever a company implements a new task or new technique, someone would need to explain each step to the worker, making sure they understand and even then, they would have questions about many things before they finally understand it. It would take people probably months or even years to truly adapt to a new technique. However, when a company uses automation system, then they would just have to input the instructions or method into the computer and the robot would immediately execute the instructions. There is no explanation needed and it would cut the time cost of understanding the instructions because robots don’t need to understand it, merely to execute it. It would bring greater flexibility into the productions. 

These are four advantages of the automation industry. It would bring more advantages than disadvantages which is why, nowadays, you can find many factory automation in Malaysia that would provide so much inventions and manufacturers such as Omron products.