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Coffeeticks is a social news portal that makes reading news productive.

We explain the news simply so that everyone will understand what’s happening and will do something positive, whether by sharing it, commenting on it, or by submitting thoughtful articles that inspire action.

So, join us if you care.

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We are looking for regular contribution of quality content that others will share.

Because we are kiasu too, we prefer articles with characteristics of the following:

  • Pop culture fans-cum-critics
  • Internet junkies
  • Busybodies
  • Keyboard warriors
  • Battle-worn writers
  • Wit and grit
  • Proper full sentences
  • Good eyes for visuals
  • Open mind
  • Young heart


Email your writing samples to

[email protected]

Make us smile. Let’s deal with things that matter.

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Writing beautiful, meaningful stories is not enough. We want to get the word out. We envision a well-informed world inspired to deal with things that matter.

To achieve this goal, we need your help as a Digital Tribe Builder.

Your main missions are to:

1. form and maintain relationships within the Coffeeticks Tribes on Facebook and other social media platforms,

  • while ensuring growth of reach and engagement of Coffeeticks posts (with eye-catching headlines and consistent visuals), and
  • by leading and managing internal and external social media teams.

2. schedule Facebook posts regularly with great timing and post about breaking news on social media in a timely manner,

  • while monitoring relevant social media channels to stay up to date with trending stories, and
  • while measuring the impact of social media on overall marketing efforts.

So, your main tools for the trade are:

  1. resourcefulness
  2. passion for being a maven in PR and Marketing
  3. good leadership
  4. sharp copywriting
  5. good eyes for visuals
  6. wit and grit
  7. residency on the Internet


Email your résumé, cover letter and portfolio (if any) to

[email protected]

Make us smile. Let’s deal with things that matter.