Your friend or partner will likely shout the title if they ever found your best dildo for men in Malaysia sitting in your cupboard for weeks and still not washed after you use it. Maybe somebody will say that they felt too orgasmic to even care and show no concern in the hygiene of their toys.

There is bad news for you. Your pleasure will turn to pain or discomfort the longer you do not regularly clean your toys after use. Whether it is a dildo, onahole, or any other toys you might purchase for “research”, you should already have the common sense to know that it is disgusting to keep using them while some are still stained with your own semen.

White, milky stains

Speaking of semen, this is the very liquid that gives human life and a drop contains millions of sperms. With the amount of sperm you ejaculate by average, that is a breeding zone for bacteria to grow. 

If you leave your sex toys uncleaned and stained with semen, continued use will eventaully lead to skin and yeast infections. This is also not good if your penis is uncircumcised because by then the bacteria is already residing under your foreskin. As the bacteria grows, well, the rest is history for your little friend.

Sharing toys

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Using your toys and not cleaning them afterwards is one thing. Using them with your partner and doing the same thing is a different matter, and a more worrying one.

Remember sexually transmitted diseases? You and your partner are at risk when sharing unclean toys, and such infections such as hepatitis and HPV can live for several days on your body at room temperature. If your partner wants to offer “playtime” with their own toys, check their hygiene, for goodness’s sake.

At best, tell, don’t ask, your partner to clean their toys prior to using them.

It is always ideal to use separate toys, each for yourself and your partners. If you and them still insist on sharing, use a condom. Never play with the toys orifice-to-orifice, as in using it on your penis after you used it on your rear.

Toy materials

Although sex toys are made of different materials, they are divided into two classes: porous and non-porous. Porous materials may have a higher chance of harboring bacteria due to their microscopic holes. Even after being cleaned and dried, they can still carry the risk, so either use a condom or switch to non-porous toys.

Porous materials usually include leather, fabric, hard plastic, and three types of rubber which is either jelly, thermoplastic or thermoplastic elastomer. Non-porous include silicon, metal and glass. These are easier to clean through.

Check your toy’s package, instruction book or the website of its manufacturer. A lot of products come with special instructions on cleaning your toys after each use, so read them religiously and follow the steps to lessen the risk of infections and the unfavorable shift of pleasurable tide.

Otherwise, you could also look up methods on the Internet. There are many online articles detailing the steps to appropriately clean your toys based on the materials they are made of. Follow instructions and also read any alternatives such as cleaning in boiling water, which is possible as a thorough cleaning method if your toys are made of glass, silicone or stainless steel.