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Indoor Palms You Need To Know

Are you a fan of palm trees? Well, if yes, let me ask you something. How many types of palm trees do you need to know? harga kilang baja Malaysia said? Well, give me some other examples. Palm oil. Dude, that’s the same thing! Well, enough playing around. This article will tell you about the types of palm trees that you can plant inside your house, room and office, wherever it is, as long as it is indoor!

The first one would be the Cascade palm. Not like its cousins from other species, the cascade palm does not have a central trunk. It’s a full palm with a lots of leaves growing from its clump. In its original place (habitat) this palm strives to live along wet lands such as streams and rivers, therefore it is important that you put it in a good irrigation system in your house. Just like any other indoor palms, cascade likes to be in the shade and enjoy the dim. It will grow in their pots and you can divide the new plant later when they grow.

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One of the Species

The second one is the Parlor palm. It grows in medium indoor light, even an artificial one would do, and Fahrenheit too. It also needs no pruning, not other than the branch tidying. Make sure to constantly keeps it in humid temperature because it will usually attract insects like spider mites if it is too dry. Therefore, make sure to set average humidity as its permanent temperature.

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The next one is the Ponytail palm. With fronds shape just like pony tails, its trunk is short and sturdy. It is extra drought tolerant due to its trunk which is thick and looks as if swollen that acts as reservoir for the plant. Put it in a bright area in order for it to be in the pink of health. It can be a little root bound in order for its growth to be more manageable.
In conclusion, there are various types of palm plants which you have yet to discover and need to dig into if you really love this species!

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