In recent months, The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a pandemic along with the outbreak of (COVID-19) which sent our global situation in a downward spiral.  

No one was spared from getting affected by it and has caused overwhelming responses ranging from elderlies, adults and also children. Though we all faced it differently, we still can’t deny the fact of how immensely bad a toll it has on us.

However, it is crucial for us to preserve our mental health in the best way possible but how so?

  • Physical Health

Firstly, to take care of our inside all starts from the outside. Taking care of our physical health is important because it makes us feel a whole lot better. By exercising regularly and not neglecting it during this time might keep you off your edge.

Simple tasks like meditating, taking a jog or even just taking a walk outside would have a significant effect on yourself.  After a long day of exercising, don’t forget to nourish your body with healthy food and have a balanced meal throughout the day too!

  • Limitation On Snacks And Junk Foods

It’s easy to get sweeped up on your second tub of mini brownies bites if you’re stuck in your house all day. If you don’t thrive to exercise or do some physical activities, this can contribute to weight gain and some other health complication of this continues.

Be mindful of what your daily intake is so that it wouldn’t affect you in the long run. Limit your junk food and substance intake like alcohol that can be harmful to you too. 

Even though you like to binge on your favorite series of movies all night long while drinking caffeinated drinks, now can be the best time to stop as it can trigger your anxiety and disrupt your sleep cycle. 

common physical symptoms of hidden stress - Managing Your Mental Health
  • Take Orderly Breaks From Work

Due to the current pandemic, many have either lost their jobs or have to take an alternate route in how to manage their tasks. 

At first, working from home can be quite easy but gradually the stress and burden can take a toll on us. This is why one should know how vital it is to take breaks regularly when working from home throughout the day especially after the working hours.

  • Dealing With Stress

Whether you like it or not, stress is something everyone faces daily in their life. It’s just the matter of knowing fully on how to cope and adapt to them. 

Stress takes up a huge amount of our lives especially on our mental health hence why it’s vital to keep it in check at all times. Although you can’t make it go away all together, there are a few strategies and tips on how to overcome it.

Doing stuff that makes you happy also contributes to alleviating your stress, stuff like exercising, reading your favorite book, or even hanging out with your friends too can help your stress.

Just remember not to let it overcome you to the point where it will affect your mental health.

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