Protect Your Home From The Pandemic

Dr. Clo Covid 19

The pandemic has brought about a set of drastic changes to the way we live. Since early 2020, the world has been on its toes, watching carefully as COVID-19 unravelled everything on a global level. While it is difficult to ensure that the whole country is careful enough to prevent the spread of infection, you can play your part to help curb the rate of infection in your country. The world is opening up again, but caution is still required because of the infectiousness of the disease. Vaccinations are definitely helping against the fight, but here are a few things you can do for your home to help yourself and your family safe until the world recovers.

1.     Disinfect your home regularly

Dr. Clo disinfectant sticks have been effective in keeping the household germ-free and fighting against COVID 19 infections. Purchase a good, powerful disinfectant that can keep your surfaces clean and sanitary to ensure that, not just COVID alone, but other harmful bacteria are kept at bay. Try not to host anyone during this time, and if it is of utmost necessity, ensure that your guests clean their hands and are healthy when they enter your home. 

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2.     Change your clothes

If you are required to leave the house, when you get back home make it a habit to change your clothes and wash them as soon as possible. Your clothes may be carrying bacteria from brushing against somebody or a contaminated surface. It is even recommended that you take a shower, in case any germs make skin contact. Do this as soon as you get indoors to keep the spread of germs minimal. 

3.     Exercise regularly and eat well

As any health expert will say, strengthening your immune system against infection and disease can help you fight off harmful microbes better. Invest in your body. Exercise whenever you can. It does not have to be rigorous training. You can go for walks, or do short exercises in your apartment if your area has closed its gyms. If you live with your family, get them active as well to keep them all as strong as possible. Many media platforms have channels dedicated to workouts that are modified for the elderly and for children. Choose whichever one suits you and get your immune system fortified.

4.     Practise good hygiene

Wash your hands constantly and carry sanitizer around when you are on the go. If you sneeze or cough, ensure you do it into your elbow, or better yet, a handkerchief or tissue that you can immediately dispose of. Many of us are wearing masks as a measure against the disease. If you have disposable ones, dispose of them as soon as possible. If you buy cloth ones, remember to wash them as frequently as possible to ensure that they are clean and sanitary.