The Evolution Of Sexual Pleasure For Women

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We live in a patriarchal society where men’s needs are more prioritised than women’s needs. It is obvious when we know more about everything related to men and pleasure, and we have barely scratched the surface for women’s pleasure. For decades, men have dictated how women feel, should act and assume how we experience satisfaction. However, things are slowly changing. Women are claiming their sexualities from the hands of a man, and securing it for themselves.

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In the past, the male pleasure centre had more focus on it. Since women were considered inferior to men, people didn’t really bother to put much focus on it. Anything related to female pleasure was discussed between women and women alone. Women discussed views, experiences and opinions between themselves as gossip and whispers. Even if women wanted to conduct proper research on female pleasure, they weren’t allowed to. Well, they weren’t allowed in any position of power, or any position in the scientific field, so that had to be handled first before anything else.

During that period, narrow-minded researchers such as Sigmund Freud have stated that the clitoris, the part where women get their pleasure from, was deemed to be insignificant just because of the size of it. Of course, it came along with the belief that women were second-class citizens. However, if he had carried out proper research without any prejudice, he would have understood that the clitoris is the only part in the woman’s body that was built for pleasure and pleasure alone. 

Either way, things started to change when women began to fight for their rights in the early 60s and during the 70s. The second wave of feminism allowed women to discuss about their pleasure and sexuality in the open. Technically, they didn’t exactly need permission, they just started because they were fed up. People like Betty Freidan and Helen Gurley Brown published works that sparked important discussions on sex, female pleasure and sexuality. Soon after, female researchers carried out investigations of their own about female pleasure. 

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Now, with the fourth feminist movement in the process, women are starting to openly discuss their sexual preferences and desires. It is discussed in the media, and even illustrated accurately. Female writers are changing the game for female pleasure, as women are no longer ashamed of reading erotic books, also known as smut. In fact, there is even a part of TikTok, a social media platform, dedicated to talking about female pleasure and everything related to it. Either way, female pleasure has come along in terms of scientific discussion, and overall experience. Studies are currently being conducted on the topic. Documentaries are being made by the minute. Instragram infographics are also being posted as you read this. Women are speaking up, educating themselves and discussing female pleasure like never before. 

Things can only get better from here. You should join the movement as it is happening. You can do it by owning your body and its desires. Exploring the total extent of what your body can do. You need to experience the pleasure for yourself, so that you can say you are a part of something bigger than yourself. You can achieve this by masturbating and buying sex toys. Purchase a sex toy for yourself at Secret Cherry to find the best sex toys for girls!