For new businesses, looking out for the best marine company in Malaysia may not be difficult, but despite the variety of listed services and explanations, some might feel like looking up a simple summary of a marine company’s services to understand the gist of their works. True to the term, a marine solutions company provides the same overarching services that will benefit your business in ocean-related matters such as ships or cargo. Regardless of their brands, here are what you can expect most of them to do for you in common.

Ship Chartering

Also known as vessel chartering, this is a practice where a shipowner rents out their own ships to what is known as a charterer to be used for cargo transportation. A contract called a charter party defines the rate of pay, duration, and terms agreed between the two parties. The charterman may also negotiate through a shipbroker instead of the actual owner of the ship.

There are three types of ship chartering: voyage, time and demise charters. A voyage charter is the standard agreement of renting out a ship and her crew to travel from the port of loading to the port of discharge. Here, the owner is paid by the charterer by either a total sum or a per-ton basis. Minus stevedoring, fuel and crew costs, port costs are taken care of by the owner. The cargo must be transported in a set time period, also known as a laytime. If exceeded, the charterer must pay a penalty incurred by the owner for the delay.

A time charter is a time based agreement where the owner still manages the ship, but the charterer is given the right to choose the sports, decide routes, has full control of the vessel and pays numerous costs including fuel, port, cargo handling, daily hires and commissions. 

A demise charter is an agreement that gives the charter full authority of the ship and pays fuel, ports, crew, charges and insurance costs excluding capital costs of building the vessel, a payment that falls to the owner. Common for tank and bulk carriers, this contract can last for many years. It can be seen as a hire-purchase where the charterer eventually becomes the new owner of the vessel.


Naturally, your ships need maintenance, otherwise they will gradually break down until they are rendered useless and at worse, jeopardize the safety of the crew. A marine company can help repair or preserve them to ensure that they are still working in good order. Marine companies can also do maintenance work for other ocean-based platforms or equipment such as oil rigs and floating hoses.


A marine company carries out inspection services to ensure that legal, health, safety and environmental regulations are meeting their standards.

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Construction and Decommissions

Some marine companies offer construction services to especially build new ships or alternatively convert them to fit new purposes. They are involved from the planning and designs to the implementations of the constructions. Marine companies can also carry out decommissions of ships, rigs or other equipment or sites that are no longer operational.