Types of People in Ikea

#Type 1: They really want to do some shopping.

A HUGE shopping list to check.


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#Type 2: They are looking for “inspirations.”

Including wandering in the showroom, jumping on beds and trashing everything.


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#Type 3: They like to show off their new born babies.

If you can’t stop your babies from screaming, kindly lock yourself at home.


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#Type 4: They like FREE air conditioner.

Free stuffs are always better.


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#Type 5: They wanna go to the neighbouring malls too.

Ikea – Ikano Power Center – The Curve = staple trip.


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#Type 6: They like the food there.

Ah. The foodie trip.


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#Type 7: They are adventurous.

Lost in Ikea showroom is not a first-time-thing.


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#Type 8: They are indecisive.

Because they can’t decide which mug to buy, therefore standing in the middle of the road and think.


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#Type 9: They are looking for the Ikea’s employees.

Ikea’s employees are ninjas.


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#Type 10: They visit the Ikea for the first time.

They just gotta take a photo of EVERYTHING.