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Design 1 - 9 Reasons Why The Sultan Of Brunei Is A Badass

Meanwhile, we have been seeing this big guy on the news a lot these two days; but do you really know his other side?

Meet the Sultan of Brunei, a country barely larger than Singapore, and yet has a flourishing economy and an ultra rich Sultan.

9 Reasons why the Sultan of Brunei is a badass.

1. He went to the same school as the King of Jordan


2. He has his face on a coin.


3. He is one of the richest individuals in the world.


His net worth has been estimated to be around 20 Billion US Dollars in 2008, adjusted for inflation, that would be enough to build ten Petronas Twin Towers.

4. He makes approximately 90 euros, every second.

90 euros

5. That leads to one of the largest fleets of cars in the world.


While actual figures are unclear, a rough aggregate on Wikipedia says:

531 Mercedes-Benzes
367 Ferraris
362  Bentleys
185 BMWs
177 Jaguars
160 Porsches
130  Rolls-Royces
And 20 Lamborghinis

Bringing it to a total of approximately (might have increased): 1,932 cars.

6. Oh, and a gold plated Chariot Rolls Royce


7. He democratised Brunei, and made himself President, Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, Minister of Finance and also Inspector General of the Police.


That’s five jobs at once! How many people can run two offices at once?! Even our former badass Hishammuddin had a headache running two!

8. Did I mention the largest palace in the world?


At just over 200,000 meters square of total floorspace, the palace complex is recognised by the Guinness World Records as the largest royal residence in the world.

9. He also has a private jet, that he flies himself.


Now it’s one thing to own a private jet, it’s an entirely different ball game altogether flying one yourself.

This is huge, and really, really badass.

Here, have a picture of the sink on his jet, cause y’know, it’s gold.