Added by Weng Sze Yew on April 6, 2014

Just some of the ‘cutest’ answers that kids these days can think of.

I do everything at the bank.

When I was a kid, I don’t even know what is a walrus.

Meet Alex, a hardcore fan of ‘Lord of The Ring’.

Warren has commonsense.

Even I don’t understand what the teacher wants.


The options are ‘Read’ and ‘Complete’.

You can’t blame the kid, he/she did answer the question you know.

Yeah~ Eh~~~~~ Whoa whoa whoa~


I like this kid. This kid is honest.


Why worry? At least Peter understands the meaning of ‘expand’.

Even gravity can’t beat the power of LOVE.

The ultimate definition of short cut.

I can say Beyoncé’s song is very very very successful.

Epic commonsense.