Causes of Swollen and Sore Nipples

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Hey women! We need to become more aware of our own bodies and the signals our bodies are sending us.

Nipple swelling, some accompanied by increased nipple volume, pain symptoms. Some people think that it may only be the swelling and pain of the breast and nipple caused by the general period, but if the serious case is not concerned about it, it is likely to cause the illness to worsen or delay the disease.

So, what are the causes of swollen nipples?

The first kind of reason is caused by mammary gland disease, it is proliferative papillary swelling and cancerous papillary swelling respectively.

Mammary proliferative nipple swelling can radiate to the armpit or back of the shoulder. When the hand touches the breast, it can feel the hard lump of different size, the edge is not clear. It can also be affected by menstruation and mood. The swelling is caused by metabolic disorders or accumulation of metabolic waste.

As for cancerous nipple swelling, when the nipple swelling and pain persist, the pain site is fixed and radiated to the back of the shoulder, and the shoulder has a sense of weight. There is the possibility of breast cancer, which must be paid great attention to, so please go to the hospital as soon as possible.

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The second is caused by specific periods, which are swollen nipples during puberty, nipple pain or breast pain during premenstrual period, swollen nipples during pregnancy, and swollen nipples after childbirth.

In girls, the most common nipple pain occurs between the ages of 9 to 13, when a girl’s breasts begin to develop. After menarche, as the pubertal breasts mature, the pain will disappear on its own.

In addition, there are a lot of women in menstruation who have strong nipple pain or swollen, stiff and tender breasts. When the breast of a severe person suffers slight vibration or collision can be distended and painfully uncomfortable, the original granular or nodular sense is more obvious. This is due to increased estrogen levels in the premenstrual period, causing the mammary gland hyperplasia and the mammary gland tissue edema. After menstruation, these changes will disappear.

Furthermore, as for the swelling and pain of the nipple after pregnancy, when the placenta, villi secrete a large number of estrogen, progesterone and prolactin, make mammary gland hyperplasia, breast enlargement caused by. This is a kind of physiological pain, in the preparation for postpartum breastfeeding, as long as the timely replacement of a wide bra, to avoid excessive friction between the nipple and bra, can relieve the symptoms. In severe cases, we can use cream for sore nipples to relieve nipple pain after certain consultations.

As for postpartum nipple swelling, it is mostly mastitis. Besides tit ache, breast bilge is painful, still can have a fever and appear as a breast local hard piece, this basically caused by mammary gland tube block or milk silt. Therefore, postpartum breastfeeding should be as early as possible, so that excessive milk will not lead to accumulation in the breast.

We often overlook minor physical aches and pains, so the occasional nipple pain may not be something we pay much attention to. Nipple swelling is mostly caused by physiological changes in the breast, or by benign breast diseases. Postmenopausal women who have swollen nipples should be alarmed, because this age group is not likely to experience recurrent swelling of the nipples, and this is the most common stage of breast cancer. If there is really severe pain, please go to the hospital in time.