A new Kind of concrete is going unnoticed in the market.

autoclaved aerated concrete malaysia
autoclaved aerated concrete malaysia

Blocks of lightweight concrete, in comparison with our conventional concrete blocks, are low in weight. Lightweight concrete is a concrete that contains a moisturizer wherein the mixture rises in volume and decreases the dead weight.

Autoclaved Aerated Cement Blocks - A new Kind of concrete is going unnoticed in the market.

Aerated concrete autoclaved (ACC)

The ACC is a thermally isolated material based on concrete. It may be utilized both indoors and outdoors. This is a relatively new product included in the building process.

Autoclaved ventilated concrete advantages and disadvantages

Autoclave aerated cement can be installed quickly and easily, largely as the material can be removed, routed, or cut into size using conventional carbon steel power instruments at the building site. When autoclaved aerated concrete is employed, it can be sided with brick or vinyl or stucco, to resist the environment.

Friendly for the environment.

It helps decrease environmental waste by at least 30 percent as contrasted to ordinary concrete when utilized. Greenhouse gas emissions have fallen by 50%. The preferable alternative for the environment is to use autoclaved aerated concrete if feasible.

Energy Saver. Energy Saver.

This is a very good characteristic that makes it a great insulator, making it simpler to manage the interior atmosphere. Usually, no further isolation is required when employed.

Great acoustics.

If you are thinking of concrete, you don’t believe it is good for acoustics, yet aerated autoclaved concrete performs wonderfully. It may be utilized as a highly good barrier to sound.

Robust fire.

ACC is fire-resistant, just like with ordinary concrete. It’s entirely inorganic and not fuel induced.

Great ventilation.

This is a highly airy substance that allows water to spread. This reduces the moisture content of the structure. ACC absorbs moisture and releases moisture to avoid condensation and other mildew-related issues.

The uses of the Concrete

AAC is an exceptionally thermal insulation concrete-based material that is utilized both for the interior and the exterior construction. AAC is an extraordinarily thermal insulating concrete.

It is ideal for buildings and metropolitan regions with severe change in temperature.

The construction of high-rise structures using AAC requires significantly less metal owing to its low density and the cement is decreased since the range of joints for structural blocks is reduced.

The materials required for rendering might also be reduced because to the dimensional precision of AAC.

In most structures where AAC materials utilize slim bed mortar can nonetheless be used ordinary cement mortar.


 A light-weight concrete made by combining a thin-grain silica aggregate and an inorganic binder utilizing a pore-forming agent which decreases the density and high-pressure steam healing procedure with high mechanical strength is defined in autoclaved aired concrete.

It is an affordable product used in buildings, which is developed particularly for adapting the size of the product in modules.

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