Different Activities to do in a Lockdown

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Malaysia, along with almost every country is going through a horrible pandemic currently, throughout 2020. Some might have not been affected by it but most people are affected badly by it. Thus, it led to a lockdown where we have to stay at home and limit going out unless for essentials or an emergency. So the big question is how on earth would we spend days upon days of staying home. For some people, this is a normal situation. However, for most, especially extroverts, this is totally outside the comfort zone. It is harder for extroverts because they are known to be very outgoing and they are more comfortable with going out and moving about, finding it hard to stay at home for so long. It can affect their mental health quite badly. So here are a few things anyone could do to avoid feeling unproductive:

  • Learn a new language

Learning a new language is no easy task, it takes time, tolerance and a strong mindset. But why not? So, take it on. Take an online class or if you’d rather learn on your own, there is an endless list of guides on the internet. If you’re more of a visual learner, you could even watch video guides on Youtube. 

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  • Experience the entirety of the Internet

It is most probable that you have yet to explore every feature offered on the internet. For instance, you could start up your own social media platform, be it for pictures, videos or even music. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or TikTok can be a good start. From there, you could perhaps start posting constant content and build up a following. This can be really fun especially when you’re doing something you love. You could even stream the video games you play on platforms like Youtube or Twitch. Also, you could earn a bit of a side income by playing online casinos with 918kaya. The possibilities are endless. 

  • Learn how to cook

If you enjoy good food, you should definitely try making good food with your own two hands. Trust that it is so satisfying to taste a creation of your own when you’ve picked up the basics in cooking. You don’t even have to master everything at once. Bit by bit, learn the basics then step up a level when you feel like you are able to. You could cook for your family too when the time comes. This doesn’t only apply to cooking meals though, you could even pick up baking or making drinks like different types of coffee or tea

  • Declutter your home

This might be one of the most tiring but one of the most satisfying activities. You get to experience a home workout by moving around a lot. At the same time, you get to tidy up or redecorate your home to please your own eyes. Do this for yourself and surely you’ll be satisfied with your own effort. 

There are so many things you could do when you’re at home. The possibilities are endless and nothing is gonna be in your way.