Discovery Of Automation Cables

Discover More Omron Cable Malaysia

The high demand from the automation industry to produce more wide range cables for the use of power, communication and networking purposes in delivering a high end data transmitting a high quality of long lasting cable for seamless connection is a much needed material by many businesses and also ISP’s (internet service providers). This has caused many manufacturers to work with technology in order to fulfill their customers’ orders. But with that said, thanks to the advancement of technology, manufacturers have now discover more omron cable Malaysia. And in today’s topic we are going to talk about the types of cables that have been produced by the automation industry and the uses of those cables.

Most of the cables that are designed by the automation manufacturers are industrial cable, coaxial cable and also instrumentation cable. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Industrial cable

Industrial cables are used in many high productive areas to support the pressure and also the workload of a factory or machine. These cables are designed purely for industrial purposes only. Most of the industrial cables can be found in a manufacturing company or factory that handles high end machines in their place. Adding to, the best thing about industrial cables are, they are designed to be very flexible which have a good and high resistance to oil, flame and even strength. The most commonly used industrial cables in an industrial areas are:-

  • PVC Cable
  • PUR Cable
  • PUR U Cable
  • PUR A Cable
  • POC Cable
  • PUR OD Cable
  • STOOW Cable

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cables are used in the Internet Service Provider, or you may call them ISP’s. These cables play the role in ensuring that we all get a proper connection of not only the internet service but also the other services such as the telecommunication, audio and also video connection. These cables are the most used in the ISP’s industry, due to the connection that it can provide to the users. The coaxial cable comes with three sizes of RG-6, RG-11 and RG-59. The purpose of these cables are to provide cable connection to television, telecommunication and most importantly internet connection to its user. They are several types of coaxial cable, they are;-

  • Formable Coaxial
  • Twin axial
  • Hard Line Coaxial Cable
  • Triaxial Cable
  • Flexible Coaxial Cable
  • Rigid Coaxial Cable
  • Semi Rigid Coaxial Cable

Instrumentation Cable

Instrumentation cables are used as a conductor that connects multiple conductors and sends a low frequency of electrical signal that is used for electrical devices that eat small amounts of voltage and also electricity. This cable helps people to control and monitor the connected electrical devices. There are few types of these instrumentation cables in the automation industry.

  • DeviceNet Cables
  • HART Cables
  • ARCNET Cables
  • CANBUS Cables
  • Field bus Cables
  • AS-I Cables 

Lastly, there are many types of automation industrial cables that are currently being developed by manufacturers to help with the growth of the automation industry which will soon enough help change many people’s lives.

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