Ticketing kiosks have been growing in terms of popularity since the early 2010s. These kiosks offer a wide range of amenities and are highly adaptable, making them a desired addition in a number of businesses. Traditional kiosks are a staple of any good mall, but automated kiosks are changing the game. They are efficient and reduce the chances of human error by a 100% because they do not require operators. Xyreon is a trusted provider for kiosks in Malaysia and is considered one of the best hotel check in kiosk manufacturers in Malaysia.

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Hotels are changing at a rapid pace these days, and with the recent epidemic, they are being pushed to change even more to keep their customers happy and, most importantly, safe.

What is a Self-check in Kiosks? 

A self-check-in kiosk allows visitors to complete common chores such as bookings, check-ins, checkouts, and room service orders more quickly. Guests can easily utilize the electronic kiosk to ping or notify hotel employees. In the end, this benefits both the guest and the hotel personnel because it allows the hotel to attend to the guest’s particular wants without wasting resources.

Why are Self-Check in Kiosks Imperative for Hotels? 

In light of the current status of the world, safety is paramount. As a result, the value of contactless service is increasing. Self-check-in kiosks and applications allow visitors to book, check-in, check-out, and request services without having to contact the front desk, resulting in fewer interactions. Apart from COVID, these kiosks are still extremely useful because they allow guests to request services quickly and hotel workers to rapidly identify which jobs require their attention.

Examples of Self check in Kiosks in Hotels

Self-check-in kiosks are becoming more common in hotels. These machines are generally inexpensive and allow visitors to book, check-in, and check-out using an easy-to-use interface.

  • Self-check-in/out: Self-check-in and check-out kiosks allow guests to check in and out of the hotel without having to go to the front desk. When a hotel is very busy, this is advantageous since it allows visitors to check in and depart on their own schedule, which benefits both the guest and the staff. Room service and other amenities can be requested using these kiosks, which allows hotel staff to respond to a guest’s demands considerably more quickly than in the past.
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  • Contactless temperature checking kiosks: In the aftermath of the pandemic, contactless temperature checking kiosks are becoming considerably more common. These kiosks take a person’s temperature and sound an alarm if there is a change in that person’s temperature. Because not everyone is aware of their health in this day and age, these kiosks are critical for assisting individuals in understanding their physical health. These kiosks are essential for keeping a place of business safe for hotel personnel and other guests’ safety and health.

Benefits of Using Self-check in Kiosks in Hotels

Self-check-in kiosks can be quite beneficial to hotels. With their contactless interactions, they help to cater to a guest’s needs, cut overhead costs, and keep everyone secure.

  1. Reduce guest wait times—Hotels are usually very busy with check-ins, check-outs, and requests for room service. By providing many of these services, self-check-in kiosks help relieve congestion on front desk lines. By delegating many routine operations to the kiosk, the front desk may focus on more pressing issues.
  2. Reduce Overhead– Kiosks have lower overhead since they can conduct more mundane operations. As a result, the hotel employees will be able to focus on other important responsibilities. Kiosks are a relatively cost-effective alternative, aside from the initial outlay.
  3. No- Contact- With COVID-19 in its current state, it is critical that interaction be limited from person to person. Kiosks assist by providing an interface that does not require physical contact, ensuring the safety of your visitors and employees.
  4. Upselling opportunities—Kiosks are a terrific way to upsell your other services. When guests are asked to purchase additional luxuries on their own terms, they are more likely to do so. Kiosks are a terrific method to make customers feel at ease while also generating revenue for the hotel.
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Xyreon is one of the best hotel check in kiosk manufacturers in Malaysia. To learn more about the company and its ticketing kiosk endeavours, visit Xyreon’s official website today.