When the lockdowns were first imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, students were affected significantly. This is because they could not go to schools or colleges to complete their education. This is worrisome because it will cause them to not have access to important materials that they were supposed to. On top of that, it will also delay their study progress because of a lack of study materials being accessible to them. But the issue was easily solved with access to the internet for their education. Parents could subscribe to pakej internet TM Unifi to ensure that their children have better internet access for their education. Internet accessibility in education is very important because: 

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Accessibility To Education

The students can access information easily through their education websites and e-library. This will ensure that they are not missing out on anything that is important for them. Not only that, but students can also get access to their study materials from their lecturers easily online through apps like Microsoft Teams where their lecturers can upload their teaching materials as a reference for their students. Students can also do their assignment presentations easily through video calls if they have access to the internet. This will save time because students do not need to worry about technical issues unlike in their classroom. 

Communication Between Teachers And Students Made Easy

If the students have questions regarding their studies or assignments, they can easily text, email or video call their lecturers to discuss them. This will help them a lot in their education because they are still given the opportunity to learn, even though they are not going to school anymore. Besides that, students can also contact their peers easily for group assignment discussions because they can use cloud drives to upload their assignments so that they can complete them on time with no delays.

Long-Distance Learning

Students can also be involved in long-distance learning because of the internet. They can earn their degree without traveling to their universities or colleges even after the pandemic ends. They can study from the comfort of their home and complete their assignments, which will need to be submitted online to their lecturers. This saves time and cost since the students can get most of their work done instead of traveling back and forth from their university to home.

Updated Information

Since information is easily shareable online, students can easily get access to updated information regarding their education or course subjects. If there were any changes made for their submission or changes in the course outline, the lecturers can update the students faster via email or chat groups. This is to make sure that none of the students is being left out from the updated changes. Likewise, the students can also get access to updated research materials online for their projects. This will be very useful for them because it will ensure that their projects are more efficient. 

Even after the lockdown rule is lifted, internet access should still be provided to the students because the internet not only can be used for social media apps but can also be used for education.