Sunway Damansara has a variety of rental options

Sunway Damansara
Sunway Damansara

While renting an apartment on your own, it is always vital to include in the time and energy spent on meetings with individuals who are interested in the tour when making the decision. Consequently, as part of our services, we will take care of the selection of appropriate renters on your behalf.

Putting together the leasing agreement

First and foremost, while drafting the lease, be certain that all parties involved are of the same nationality. Keep an eye out for names that are almost similar, such as father and son, which you must confirm with your identification card or birth number. Always double-check the information to ensure that it corresponds to the papers. If a long-term lease is entered into, the contract must be for a period of at least one year, and the grounds for its termination must be explicitly stated. You may only cancel your lease as a landlord at Sunway Damansara if you have a valid legal cause to do so.

This is only possible if the lessee experiences a substantial change in circumstances after the contract is signed that makes it impossible for him to continue the lease. The cause of this might be anything from a death in the family to a change in career or social circumstances. Both the landlord and the tenant have the option to agree to cancel the lease at any moment. When a lease is for an indefinite amount of time, a three-month notice period is required. As an addendum to the lease agreement, it is essential that the handover procedure, which includes a suitably documented state of the flat, be included.

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Insurance for a rental apartment

When purchasing an apartment, it is customary for each owner to arrange for their own property insurance. A fire or a natural catastrophe might cause damage to the apartment’s substantial structural elements such as the walls, ceiling, windows, and plaster. This insurance covers such damages. In addition, there is home insurance coverage available. This is particularly beneficial if you are renting a furnished flat. If the renter supplies his or her own unit, it is highly recommended that he or she get such insurance coverage. Including the cost of insurance in the rental fee is also an option to consider.

Copies of the keys and access to the flat were provided.

It’s important to retain a duplicate of your property’s keys on hand not just in case of an accident, but also in case of modifications or energy measurements. They will also be appropriate for the tenant’s potential long-term absence, which he should warn you of in advance. In the case of a lock change, make it clear in the contract that the renter has the duty to deliver you one copy of the key. And, ideally, in a sealed envelope that may be maintained by a notary, no one, not even the renter, needs to be concerned about the impression that someone else has gained access to his or her personal belongings.

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