Good hygiene is something that we should all maintain. Especially when you have a baby in your house. As your child’s immune system hasn’t fully developed yet, you should consider going the extra mile to keep your surroundings clean. Here are some things that you could do to maintain the hygiene of your babies.  


Bathing is probably the easiest way to keep your baby clean. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should resort to bathing your child every time he or she needs a diaper change. You only need to use baby wipes to wipe your child down. Bathing twice or thrice a day should suffice. Remember to wash the baby’s body, hair, and hands-on a regular basis. You should be using non-allergenic soaps, and this is especially for smaller children. Besides, it’s also crucial to keep your baby’s nails cut since dirt can easily sneak beneath long nails, causing illness if they scratch themselves. Babies also have a tendency to put their fingers in their mouths, so keeping their nails short is the best way to prevent them from consuming the dirt. 

Next, keep the wax out of your baby’s ears. Cleaning the inside of your baby’s ears once or twice a week should suffice. On the other hand, you should clean the outer part of their ears every day. You can use a wet washcloth or a slightly damp cotton swab to clean. Avoid using cotton buds or cleaning solutions that you pour into ears to remove the wax. This is because the cotton from the cotton buds could come off the tip when you are cleaning, causing it to get stuck in your child’s ears. Meanwhile, the cleaning could possibly be harmful to your child. Hence, it is better to avoid it completely. Lastly, clean the debris out of his or her eyes and nose at all times. For this, a simple washcloth will do. 

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Now that your baby is squeaky clean, it’s time to clean up their surroundings, especially their room. Your baby will sleep better if they sleep in a clean-cut, so make sure you clean and change the linens once a week. Once your baby gets to the age where they start crawling everywhere, you will have to pay attention to the places they go. Keep the room dust-free by cleaning it twice a week to eliminate any roving dust mites. If you have screen windows, remember to clean them as well because they tend to collect a lot of dust.

Now that we are in the midst of the global pandemic Covid-19, you should endeavour to wipe down surfaces with baby-safe antibacterial solutions or disinfectant sprays to destroy any germs or bacteria that may have made their way in. If you’re worried about purchasing one that is harmful to your baby, you could browse Mamacliqs to buy baby-safe disinfectant sprays in Malaysia. Keeping the area bacteria-free would be the best for your baby. 

Well, now that you know these tips, you can work towards keeping your home and baby that much cleaner and safer.