The NoPhone—Would You Buy It?


Introducing the latest phone to hit the market—the NoPhone.

photo main - The NoPhone—Would You Buy It?

Except…it’s not a phone.

The inventor introduces the NoPhone as “a technology-free alternative to constant hand-to-phone contact” on their Kickstarter page.


The NoPhone is designed to battle phone addiction by acting as a replacement for real phones. Made of plastic, it helps addicts wean off the need to constantly hold a phone in their hands and still provide the faux security they get from real phones.

Here are the specs comparisons between the iPhone 6 and the NoPhone. Can you see how much better the NoPhone fare?

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The NoPhone is available for pre-order on its website. In fact, you can choose to upgrade the NoPhone to include a Selfie option which allows you to send selfies in real time to the people standing behind you.


Here are some feedback from users who have enjoyed this new piece of technology.

I used to sleep with my phone in my hand, but my night terrors would cause me to hurl it across the room in an unconscious panic. With the NoPhone, I can still enjoy the comfort of holding a phone in my sleep, without waking up to a shattered screen. Thanks, NoPhone.

— David H

With the NoPhone, my eye contact skills have improved 73%.

— Whitney R

Because of the NoPhone, I haven’t drunk texted my ex boyfriend in one whole week.

— Craig G

Not a real phone.

— Katie A

Source: Current Buzz