The use of Patlite Signal Tower Malaysia has become a common thing in people’s daily lives. This is one proof that technology is starting to penetrate almost all aspects of our lives. Let’s explore further!

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What Exactly is Patlite Signal Tower Malaysia?

Patlite Signal Tower Malaysia is a smart signal tower that triggers real-time alerts in the event of a failure or emergency at a facility by sounding an audio alert simultaneously with its visual signal. Moreover, it is equipped with PING monitoring as well as SNMP monitoring function wherein the SNMP monitoring function enables email, visual and audible alerts to the operators in charge even when they are off site.

Tower light fixtures are an important type of signal light used in various industries and processes. These lamps are distinguished by their columnar structure from several independent lamps stacked on top of each other.

Tower lights are typically made up of up to five different colored light segments — red, green, yellow, blue, and white and often include a sound module. Due to their orientation, purpose and stacking design, they are also referred to as indicator lights, signal tower lights, warning lights, stack lights, industrial signal lights and tower lights.

Benefits of Patlite Signal Tower Malaysia

Today, industrial machines are equipped with intuitive interfaces and advanced diagnostics that inform operators of machine status or events. These features help operators take the necessary actions at the right time. However, these features have limitations in terms of their visibility at long distances. Often, operators spend time away from their work consoles for work-related or other reasons. It becomes difficult for them to access the machine and check the current state of the process. This is where tower lights help.

As the different light modules are stacked on the tower and placed on top of the machine, they are visible from all directions offering a 360 degree view. These lights provide status information to operators, supervisors, technicians, and other floor personnel. Sometimes, these lights also produce a floodlight signal or a buzzer sound, thereby informing maintenance technicians, forklift operators, or other personnel about the status of processes or machines. Tower light fixtures are an integral part of the Lean Manufacturing and 5S initiative, commonly referred to as Andon lights. These lights are one of the most common forms of visual management.


Tower lights have the advantage of seeing the status of a machine or process. This light, placed above the machine, can be seen from across the workshop floor to alert personnel to machine status or problems. Seemingly simple, tower lights remain an important component of automation and machine installations around the world. When selecting and installing a tower light, pay attention to important factors, such as: the tower light environment, component materials, installation location and other factors.