Facts About Hydrofluoric Acid

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Fluoric acid has the molecular formula HF and a molar mass of 20. It is one of the weak acids. This acid is the most reactive acid and is toxic to humans and metal or semi-metal objects. Fluoric acid is derived from Hydrogen Fluoride gas, which is fairly soluble in water. When this gas is dissolved in water, fluoric acid solution is produced.

At higher concentrations, fluoric acid is a colorless liquid that smells like chlorine gas. As we all know, this acid is extremely reactive in comparison to other halogen acids! Why is it so? This occurs because Fluoric Acid contains a fluorine atom that can form fluorine ions, which are extremely electronegative and have a high propensity to attract electrons from other chemical compounds. Despite being so electronegative, this Flour ion can react with Silicate (Si) to form SiF4 ions. – or the SiF6- ion Yes, silicate is one of the components of glass, so it should come as no surprise that fluoric acid can easily dissolve glass, including Pyrex glass. Because of this, fluoride acid is typically stored in acid- and base-resistant PP or PE plastic containers.

Despite being dangerous, it turns out that this reactive trait has a myriad of positive effects on our lives. Fluoric acid is widely used in the production of plastic or polymer materials, medicinal materials, and as a catalyst in organic chemical reactions, including the alkylation process in the oil refining industry. Fluoric Acid plays a crucial role in the alkylation process that combines C3 and C4 with isobutane to produce gasoline with a high octane value, so don’t look at it negatively, guys, despite the fact that it is harmful to humans and is used to produce raw materials. Our gasoline cannot be undervalued.

Due to its extraordinary benefits, this Fluoric Acid is produced in sufficient quantities around the globe. Its annual output ranges between 2 and 3 million tons.

Impact on Health

Every chemical compound, including this reactive one, has both positive and negative effects on our lives. Why is it advised not to handle fluoric acid directly if we have never handled this chemical compound before? Fluoric acid is known to be a highly reactive and dangerous acid; therefore, it is strongly advised not to handle this compound directly if we have never handled it before. Fluoric acid is extremely toxic in addition to being corrosive! When our skin comes into direct contact with hydrofluoric acid, it is not just a physical contact process; this compound enters the blood and reacts with Calcium ions in our body, forming a compound that is insoluble in water so that it can be dissolved in water. This will settle and obstruct the blood flow within our bodies. This is extremely dangerous because if the blood flow in our bodies is disrupted, our organs will not be able to function properly, and it is possible that this will result in death.

Place this hydrofluoric acid in a certain cabinet so that we as researchers are not exposed to it directly. For more information, visit hydrofluoric acid fume hood Malaysia.