The Importance of Education for the Future

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Education is something important for the progress of a nation. Formal teaching and learning process can be obtained from the school. While informal education can be obtained through everyday experience. Education can be obtained both formally and non-formally. Formal education is obtained by following programs that have been planned, structured by an institution, department or ministry of a country such as in schools. Education requires a curriculum to carry out teaching and learning planning. While non-formal education is knowledge obtained from everyday life from various experiences either experienced or learned from others. A lifelong teaching and learning process.

The purpose of education is to educate and develop the potential of students. That way, it is hoped that the nation’s children have knowledge, good personality, creativity, and have a sense of responsibility towards themselves. Education is a way of improvement in printing quality human resources for the future of the nation. As for the elaboration of the five goals of Education, namely forming human beings who believe and fear Allah, have good morals, be creative and independent.

The Importance of Education

With a good education, people will get good job opportunities in the community and a bright future. Coupled with the rapid progress of the times and technology in Indonesia, education must be made a priority. Following are the reasons for the importance of Education for the future;

Building Good Character, with education people can learn about manners and other good things. Education is very important to build the character of the nation’s children. People with education can face problems wisely. In addition, education will also make individuals more humane and have high tolerance.

Developing a sense of self-confidence, an educated person will be brave and confident to appear in front of the audience and dare to face challenges in the future. With the knowledge possessed, one can make wise decisions.

Creating the next generation of the nation, with education is able to create the next generation who are experts in various fields. This is related to the availability of various levels of education and majors available at various schools or universities. so that it can help give birth to a lot of young people who are useful for many people. Forming a Scientific Mindset, with Education, the mindset will be better organized. The world of education allows a person to have a scientific way and mindset, which is structured and based on existing facts.

Knowing Right and Wrong, Education makes someone who doesn’t know become know. In addition, humans will increasingly understand what is good and what is not. Consciously, a person will accept the consequences for all actions taken.

Those are some of the importance of Education for the future, hopefully we can build a better mindset in the future. Bachelor in medical science in malaysia.