Top 3 Games For New Gamers

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The development of software has brought to us many new opportunities to have fun. As an example, people can gamble online with sites like top online casino malaysia and many others. Besides that, we can see many new games being released in the market. The gaming industry has been growing since more people have been interested in playing online games. In the past, the girls find it hard to relate to the boys who are avid gamers. They find that the activity is a waste of time as they saw the boys spend all day in front of their PCs. The tables have turned in this 21st century, when many girls have started to fall in love with gaming. Boys no longer dominate the industry since the girls have been determined to join in online games events and competitions. Besides the hype for popular games like Mobile Games and League of Legends, there are many mobile games you can try. Here are the top 3 games the new gamers should try.

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Manor Matters

You should try this game since the levels are quite easy for beginners. This game allows you to find hidden items within the time limit given. As you advance to the next level, the time limit would be shorter and it could be more thrilling for you. The best part is that you will be able to enjoy the storyline of the game and solve the problems occurring within the manor as you find the hidden items. You can also choose the design and pattern of the furniture of the manor. Unlock mysterious hidden rooms, look for foreign treasures and take care of your pet cat in the game. It’s a really entertaining way to kill time and since it can also be played through mobile applications, you can play them anywhere and anytime!

Assassin’s Creed

If you happen to have a PS4 laying somewhere in your house, then you should definitely try this game. The first installment of this series has been released in 2017 and there are many other installments in the series. If you refuse to start with the first installment, then it is recommended that you try Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. This installment is probably the most popular among the others since the game character is viewed as a legend among the gamers. 

Nier: Automata

Another game you should try is Nier: Automata. Many gamers have been saying that this game is one of the most beautiful games they have ever played. This does not only refer to the worldbuilding and plotline, but also the soundtracks and characters from the game. Besides the gameplay features that are easy to handle, you can also go on challenging quests throughout the game. Another fun part is that you can end up with different endings from other gamers. The endings are divided into ending A, B, C, D and so on. There are a total of 26 endings in total!

Last Words

In conclusion, here are the top 3 games the beginners should try. It is important that you try great games during your first few times as it could make you feel excited to try other games in the future. Have fun!