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Is your best friend getting married soon? If that is the case, then maybe you are now planning to give him a stag or bachelor party. Your role as a best man will not start on the day of the wedding but even before that. Take note that you have now two roles in your friend’s life, being his best friend and being his best man on his big. You need to prove that having the right friend is essential

This is your chance to show your best friend that you can be counted on especially for the last day of his singlehood. When he is married, chances are you will not be that close anymore or you can’t ask him to be with you anymore to enjoy and most of all, gone will be the times when you will go out to scout for girls. 

It is understandable if you are not yet familiar or you have no idea how to plan for a bachelor party. But no worries as this article will help you do that and will even help you get those sexy strippers. So, for your friend, check out below for some helpful tips:

  • The first thing you must keep in mind though is that this is for your friend and not for you thus being his best friend; you should be somehow familiar with his preferences especially when it comes to women. So, if you are planning for a surprise bachelor party, try fishing for some ideas like what he wanted most to do while he is still single, his type of women and so on. Take note that there are many strippers that can act as topless waitresses. They can surely ignite the night! Tell your friend to buy dildo Malaysia to ensure utmost pleasure. 
  • However, if this is not meant to be a surprise, then you can plan with him and ask him upfront what he wants. If he wants a stripper to be included in the party as this is the usual situation, then be sure to contact a stripper or her manager earlier so that you will have a better choice. Take note that the best strippers are booked early and easily. So, if you don’t want to end with a stripper that cannot even excite your guest of honour, might as well not include one. 
  • See to it that he will approve all your plans. If he does not really want to include a live show, then that can still be possible and if you really want to include the strippers in this event to have more fun, then you can just let them pose as waitresses like the topless waitresses. For sure you will have a very lively event. 

As long as you will not forget that this is an event for the groom to be and not yours and so his preferences must be followed, for sure your event will go just fine. Again, don’t forget to book the strippers earlier to be able to get the best.