Do you not get any plastic straws for your drink from Starbucks anymore? Or are you using your own grocery bags instead of packing your groceries from the store in plastic bags? Why do you think there are so many people against the use of plastic in our daily lives? This is because of endangered marine animals. The plastic products that we use and dispose of daily will end up in the oceans. They might be mistaken by marine animals for food and end up consuming it. This causes terrible consequences for them, for example blocking their airways and it is very poisonous for them. Besides, ships have also started using marine solution Malaysia, to ensure they do not endanger marine animal lives anymore. 

Sea pollutants have caused a massive change in the ocean ecosystem. It has endangered the lives of many marine animals. Because marine animals are almost invisible to us since they live in the ocean, unlike land animals, we do not understand the seriousness of the issue caused by sea pollutants. There are many marine animals that have either gone extinct or are on the verge of being extinct. Marine animals are equally important for our natural ecosystem just like other land animals, humans and plants. Do you know what are the endangered marine animals are? We will share with you a list of endangered marine animals that might go extinct at any moment.

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Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are the most popular endangered marine animal. This is because of influencers and activists launching campaigns to save them from being extinct. We are sure that you have watched tons of videos online about veterinarians or marine biologists removing plastic straws from the nose of sea turtles. In the current century, the number of sea turtles has rapidly decreased compared to past centuries. This is very alarming because sea turtles are very important for our ecosystem on and offshore.


Whales known as the largest mammal on earth are a part of the endangered marine animals’ team too. This is due to them being hunted by fishermen for food and corporate companies for beauty products. The hunting of whales, especially blue whales so that their parts can be used in beauty products and accessories have recently been brought up by the media but not much importance has been given to them by the people around the world.

Sea Otters

Known for their cuteness, unfortunately, we might not see these cute creatures in a few years’ time. Being hunted for their thick furs has caused them to be placed on the endangered marine animals’ list. Although the hunt for sea otters has decreased, they are still killed daily by the pollution caused by us humans. 
These are the most endangered marine animals as of now because they are on the verge of going extinct any moment now. Sometimes we need to take some time to focus on saving these marine animals too instead of always focussing on ourselves and our healthy lifestyle.