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Rain gutters are normally looked past as not many people pay attention to rain gutters that much. Rain gutters are like the extras in the movie. Even though they may not provide any significance, but they are important to be part of the movie and storyline to make the whole story complete. This is how it’s like to be a rain gutter. However, having rain gutters is important as it is there to keep the health of your home in check. If you do not have rain gutters, it is basically an invitation for your home to have a series of problems. This article will explain what do rain gutters do and why it is important to have them.

What do Rain Gutters do?

Rain gutters have one job to do, which is to divert water away from your home. If your home does not have a rain gutter, it can cause serious damage to your house during heavy rain as water will build up in your home, and cause extensive water damages. How does a rain gutter work? Rain Gutter functions where it channels water flow from your roof through the pipe, and directs it outside of your home in appropriate areas. Without rain gutters, your roof can pick up a lot of leaves and debris which can cause water to get stuck and overflow. Thus, damaging your house.

Maintenance is important!

Having Rain Gutters alone is not enough as maintenance is also important to ensure that it is working properly. Rain Gutters should be cleaned and maintained regularly. The perfect condition of rain gutters should not have holes and gaps to it, and the direction of it should be directed at the downspouts.

If you notice that your rain gutter starts pulling away or water is not coming out from it properly. Chances are that your rain gutter is clogged. Make sure to clean up your gutter as soon as possible to ensure that water is able to flow out properly. If water does not manage to flow out properly, it is no different than not having a rain gutter in the first place.

Downspout placement

Besides rain gutters, do keep in mind to have your downspout to be placed properly as the placement of it is important. Why is downspout placement important as it can: 

  • Lead water away from your home
  • Proper placement will ensure that the downspout can handle the load of water 
  • Adding accessories like conductor heads to ensure that the rain gutter can run effectively as the conductor head can control the flow of water into the downspout
  • Having the downspout correctly placed can also improve the look of your home. Having the downspout installed properly at the right place can ensure that your home appearance will look good, and also that your home value does not get affected.
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So in a nutshell, rain gutters are important for your home. Not only can it save you the headache of having to spend a lot of money fixing your house from the damages, but it can also make sure to prevent your house from getting any preventable damages.

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