Things need to know before study Bachelor in Science in Malaysia

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Numerous Malaysian students from around the world apply each year to study Bachelor in Science in Malaysia. Students are actively encouraged to enroll in these programmes by the Malaysian government. Graduates of this programme will also have access to a wide range of employment options. Many of the best universities in Malaysia are giving you the possibility to pursue a bachelor’s degree in science there if you are interested in this programme. But before you enroll in a bachelor’s programme in science, you need to be aware of the following crucial information.

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What is Bachelor in Science

Normally, students who are able to complete a degree in a field related to mathematics or the natural sciences will receive a Bachelor of Science degree. This program allows people to study about math and natural science at one of the top schools in the Malaysia or abroad. The focus of Bachelor of Science in Malaysia is about analyses, experiment and discover. All current Bachelor in Science programs are four to five years in length averagely. Students take between 120 and 133 semesters of about 40 to 42 courses.

What courses does Bachelor in Science include

Usually,  Bachelor in Science include courses of math field and natural science field. When you want to study Bachelor in Science in Malaysia, you can apply for the following major:

  • biology
  • biochemistry
  • chemical
  • physics
  • Earth science
  • The social sciences
  • General science
  • mathematics
  • Physical education/Exercise Science
  • Computer science
  • engineering
  • Computer science
  • The physical sciences
  • economics

And others etc. 

What kind of person suitable for Bachelor in Science

Bachelor in Science is a program which needs to study, analyze and explore many phenomena in the world and summarize the rules. The future of mankind is constantly changing, and this is where science comes into play. We can even say that it is the development of science that drives the change of the future of mankind. And that’s a key reason why scientists are considered world changers. Therefore, people who can think rationally and have the spirit of exploration and experiment will be more suitable for studying in Bachelor in Science.

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Career opportunities for study Bachelor in science in Malaysia

After graduation, Study Bachelor in Science in Malaysia students have the option to pursue a Master of Science or PhD. Becoming a Bachelor of Science is also an important prerequisite for them to be able to study for a Master of Science. In addition, they can also choose to become the following careers:

Medical profession: dietician, dietitian, exercise physiologist, recreation therapist, exercise trainer

Physical and Earth science careers: meteorologist, hydrologist, chemist and materials scientist, geographer, environmental scientist, microbiologist, animal scientist, biological technician

Architectural and engineering careers: Petroleum engineer, computer hardware engineer, aerospace engineer, nuclear engineer, chemical engineer, electrical and electronics engineer, cartographer, architect, landscape architect, etc.

Computer and INFORMATION technology careers: Software developer, computer network designer, network and computer system administrator, database administrator, information security analyst, etc

It is worth mentioning that most science students can get a higher salary when they get a job after graduation.

Universities can be considered for study Bachelor in Science in Malaysia

Monash University, University Malaya, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia