Added by Wei Win on April 30, 2014 0SHARES

What you will see below are some of the things which tick us off while we are scrolling down our news feed on Facebook. We may have done these without knowing.

1. Photos of what someone is eating for dinner every night this week.

2. Photos with captions that say, “Like if you love God. Ignore if you hate God.”

3. A status about how someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend cheated on them.

4. Selfies with completely unrelated captions.

5. Rants about all the people who will be sorry when your Facebook friend becomes a doctor or a lawyer and is super rich.

6. People stating the obvious (to anyone who is watching) about things happening in tonight’s sports game.

7. A status about which part of their body is being worked out today.

8. Some long, drawn out monologue of everything someone has been through in life and how much stronger they are for it.

9. Ambiguous statuses about someone’s unhappiness.

10. People’s grades.

11. Political comments from people who seriously do not know what they are talking about.

12. Anything regarding people’s sex lives. We really do not need to know, please.

13. People who “like” photos with captions that say, “Like if you love God. Ignore if you hate God.”

14. Photos of a woman during labor.

15. A status about how great someone feels because they volunteered their time to people in need today. Great, is it your first?

Oh, come on! Everyone else do not need to know but we cannot deny the fact that it is fun seeing those things on our news feed sometimes. One of the alternatives to de-stress!

A friendly note: If you happen to be guilty of more than one of these things, please know that we do not hate you, we just highly consider de-friending you on a daily basis. Just for fun, guys!